Building Process


During the home building process, you are able to relax and enjoy watching your home be built. Each customer’s journey will vary because each customer and their home is unique. During the building process, each customer has to tackle 4 main elements to build a home:

Selecting a Building Site

Some are lucky and have already found their dream home site, but for others, finding the right piece of land can be a challenge. We have good relationships with developers, land owners, and realtors who assist in finding property to build on. We also have an inventory of lots for the customer to choose from. Gasser Builders is here to help you find the right place to call home.

Home Design

We will build based on your set of plans, or we can assist you with the design. Gasser Builders has an inventory of existing home designs which can be modified to better fit your needs. For those wanting their own design, we can draw a customized plan that will fit your needs.

Home Selections

We will assist the customer in selecting the right products to fit their style and budget. Some selections include: exterior d├ęcor, kitchen design, colors, trim work, carpeting, etc.

Home Construction

By spending time with us up front selecting the right lot, designing your home and choosing the right home selections, the actual construction of the home will go smoothly. We like to work alongside our customers to make sure the construction process is smooth and enjoyable. There are plenty of decisions to make, but the right outlook and guidance can make all the difference.